Vendor confirmation email support

Modified on Thu, Oct 5, 2023 at 10:38 AM

Vendors, verify if TripIt can support your confirmation email.


TripIt offers airline, lodging, car rental, cruise, and travel agency vendors a one-step request path to see if their current confirmation emails are a format TripIt currently supports or if support needs to be built or updated through our vendorcheck email.


If you are a travel vendor please attach your confirmation email(s) or pdf(s) and individually submit via email to


  • TripIt supports most booking vendors and we will continually add new companies as quickly as we can.
  • TripIt supports confirmation emails from thousands of suppliers around the world, in English, French, German, Japanese and Spanish.
  • The vendor check email address is for use only by travel vendors.


Standard Confirmation Email Format


If we cannot support your confirmation email or if you wish to build your own support, our standard confirmation email formats are provided below. The standard confirmation email format is designed to be read by our email parsing tool. Please review and follow the instructions carefully.


The form(s) is trip item (air, hotel, car, cruise, etc) specific. Copying and pasting the formats in the document is the best way to insure the correct format. Attachments (word, pdf, etc.) are not yet supported for this form when submitting to


Each confirmation must begin with ‘TripIt Approved’ (as displayed in the document) and be followed by:


  • Booking confirmation # :
  • Booking date :
  • Booking site name :
  • Booking site phone :
  • Booking site web-page :


Each trip item type must begin and end with the appropriate information tags (i.e. Flight Information & End of Flight Information, Hotel Information & End of Hotel Information, etc.). Date and time format options (one format per confirmation email, must not be mixed): 

  • September 25, 2023 (US date format)
  • 25 September, 2023 (EU date format)
  • 2023-09-25 (ISO 8601 format)
  • 14:00 2:00PM 2 pm


All of the following are true:

  • Dashes and/or spaces interchangeable
  • Upper/lowercase interchangeable as the first letter of the label
  • Word number can be given as number, no, num, or # 'dot' (.) following number is optional (i.e. num or num. # or #. no or no.)
  • Colon (:) following label required
  • Month names can be given in full or abbreviated form (January or Jan, February or Feb, etc.)


All of the fields are expected to be single-line except the following: 

  • Pick-up instructions in Car Reservation
  • Room description and cancellation remarks in Hotel Reservation
  • Notes and restrictions in all reservation types
  • For multi-lined fields such as the Notes and Restrictions fields please make sure *** is included following the text in the text field. 
    • Sample: Notes : Cancellation 24 hours prior to check-in ***


You only need to fill in the parts of the standard confirmation you wish to have parsed (you can leave areas blank and it will do no harm). For multi-segment items (more than one traveler, more than one travel segment, etc.) duplicate the information in the template (please see the sample link provided in this Help page).

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